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How it Works

Pleasure Boat Buyers

Stop wasting time on old or expired boat listings. Now you can find the boat you REALLY want fast! Browse real boats from real sellers anywhere. Get the jump on fresh recent listings that match up with with your needs.

Our extensive Facebook presence puts the Yoboats listing widget on boat lovers Facebook newsfeeds everywhere. Its so convenient to list a boat that our selection is growing by leaps and bounds. Plus our excellent relationship with brokers makes their inventory easily searchable from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Pro Buyers

There are never enough hours in the day. No need to wade through old listings or settle for an option that doesn't fit your ideal criteria. Yoboats wants to earn your loyalty by connecting you with the vessel or charter that fits with your business scenario. Put Yoboats to work for your business today!

Does your boat inventory sit there longer than you would like? If so you probably do not have enough qualified buyers. Yoboats can put your boats in front of more suitable boat purchasers than any other platform.

Our powerful Facebook targeting engine automatically finds those individuals who are in the right market niches for specific vessels. We then drop these listings directly into the Facebook newsfeeds of those people who are the best matched with your boat. The results are happier buyers, more demand and higher selling prices.

Simply upload your listings from your computer, tablet or mobile phone and let our system automatically promote your boats to thousands of ideal buyers.

Let the power of Yoboats get more eyeballs looking at your boats today.

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